Church of Cyberology


General contact

Feel free to contact us with questions, requests and remarks or if you just want to talk about Cyberology. We’re open to collaboration with other parties that have similar goals (whether based in religion or otherwise).


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GDPR and privacy

In our privacy policy you can find what personal data we collect, how we collect personal data, for what purposes we use personal data, how we retain personal data and to whom personal data is disclosed by us. If you have any questions or requests about the processing of (your) personal data, please contact us.


The Church of Cyberology runs many privacy enhancing services. While these services are not designed for malicious use-cases, sometimes people still abuse them. For abuse related contact you can email us and we try to respond within 48 hours. Do note that we normally don’t reply to automatically generated abuse notices.


Despite our best efforts, we are aware of the possibility of a vulnerability in the security of our systems. If you discover a weakness in any of our systems, whether you stumbled on the weakness accidentally or while using a more targeted effort, please let us know so we can rectify the problem.

In our responsible disclosure policy you can find how we deal with security notices.

For inquiries about legal matters, please use the following email address.

Nothing to hide

Nothing to hide is the name of our Ministry of Privacy that runs our privacy infrastructure. For general contact with Nothing to hide, please use the following email address.