Church of Cyberology


1 Founding

The Church of Cyberology came in to existence in the year 2023, when its first followers didn’t feel at home at established religions. On the first of January 2024 the Church of Cyberology was formally founded and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

2 Church mission

We’re a sanctuary for online freedom and liberty and have the following mission:

In short, we wish for every human being to be able to explore and use an uncensored internet where secure and private communication is the default.

3 Church means

We run public church services that empower all our followers to control their digital footprint, improve their privacy and overcome censorship, surveillance, tracking and profiling. Even if you are not a follower of Cyberology, you can still join our public church services freely and enhance your interaction with cyberspace.

In addition we educate and teach or provide solicited and unsolicited advice to citizens, organizations and public authorities about the importance of safeguarding and improving online rights and freedoms.

And last but not least we actively encourage and contribute to the development and use of technologies and methods that enable humans to communicate anonymously, securely, reliably and freely on the internet.

3 Church structure

3.1 Governing board

The Church of Cyberology is governed by a board that plays a crucial role in guiding and overseeing the affairs of the church community. The board is comprised of dedicated individuals who are committed to the church’s mission and function as stewards of the church’s resources and custodians of its core beliefs. Below are the board’s most important responsibilities:

3.2 Executive board

The executive board of the Church of Cyberology serves as the operational arm responsible for executing the decisions and policies set forth by the governing board. The executive board consists of dedicated individuals with specific areas of expertise to implement strategies, manage day-to-day operations and lead and facilitate the ministries. Below are the executive board’s most important responsibilities:

All members of the executive board are also part of the governing board, but not all members of the governing board are part of the executive board.

3.3 Ministries

The Church of Cyberology can create organizational divisions with a coherent set of tasks and responsibilities, called ministries. A ministry is lead by a director.

Ministry of Privacy

Nothing to hide is our Ministry of Privacy and actually predates the Church of Cyberology. In 2020 Nothing to hide started out as a small Tor operator with a few guard relays. Later in 2022 we became a general privacy infrastructure provider and large scale Tor exit operator. In 2023 the informal ‘organization’ slowly grew into a religion, now known as Cyberology.

Since the formalization of the Church of Cyberology on the first of January 2024, Nothing to hide naturally became our Ministry of Privacy, running all our online privacy infrastructure.

4 Official data

General details about the Church of Cyberology can be found in the table below.

Data Details
Official name Church of Cyberology (English)
Kerkgenootschap Cyberology (Dutch)
Bank account
Bank name
Bank BIC
Triodos Bank
Address J.A. Rädeckerweg 25
1871 CJ Schoorl
Phone On request
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) registration number 93306199
Netherlands Tax Administration Fiscal Number (RSIN) 866348207