Church of Cyberology


Transparency is a central theme in the Church of Cyberology. We are - among other things - transparent about our finances, achievements and challenges. In the same context, we publish our yearly plans and objectives transparently for everyone to see.

Plans for 2024


In a world where technological advancement and digital communication have become the norm, issues of freedom, liberty, privacy and self-determination are becoming increasingly important. We recognize that the fight against censorship and the promotion of (online) freedom, privacy and self-determination are not only worldly concerns, but also reflect spiritual values deeply rooted in our beliefs. As such, we commit ourselves to protecting these values, not only for our church community but also for the global digital community.

These plans outline concrete objectives, strategies, and actions for the year 2024 to achieve our vision and defend the values in which we believe. We recognize that this is an ongoing journey and that evolving our policies and practices will be essential to remaining effective in the changing (digital) world.

In the spirit of our commitment, we call upon all members and followers of our community to actively participate in the implementation of these plans and to collectively make our voices heard in the fight for (online) freedom, liberty, privacy and self-determination.

Plans and objectives

1) A great start

The Church of Cyberology formally established itself on the first of January 2024. The board is tasked with setting up the basics and making sure there is a good foundation to further build the church upon.

# Objective Deadline Status
1.1 Register domain names Q1 Finished
1.2 Create accounts/handles on relevant platforms Q1 Finished
1.3 Formal registry with Chamber of Commerce Q2 Finished
1.4 Acquire RSIN from the Netherlands Tax Administration Q2 Finished
1.5 Acquire a church bank account Q2 Ongoing
1.6 Formally acquire ANBI status Q2 Ongoing
1.7 Formalize collaboration with partners and create and sign contracts where necessary Q2 Ongoing

2) Tenets

The Cyberology Tenets are the most fundamental principles any follower of Cyberology should follow. The original Cyberology Tenets were written in Dutch and translating those is a very precise task that requires much attention to details.

# Objective Deadline Status
2.1 Create the (English) Cyberology Tenets that reflect the founders’ intentions when they created Cyberology Q3 Ongoing

3) Presence in cyberspace

A religion focusing on online freedom and privacy needs a online presence. We will develop and publish the cyberology website and facilitate communication with the church via email. Furthermore, accounts and handles on relevant third-party platforms are created. The board has set the following requirements for the website:

# Objective Deadline Status
3.1 Facilitate communication via email addresses Q2 Finished
3.2 Create accounts/handles on relevant third-party platforms Q2 Finished
3.2 Create a cyberology identity and style Q2 Finished
3.3 Build and publish Q2 Finished

4) Develop and publish policies

Any professional organization requires policies and the Church of Cyberology isn’t unique in this regard. The board is tasked to deliver the following policies and regulations:

# Objective Deadline Status
4.1 Policy in which the titles people involved with the church can use Q1 Finished
4.2 Policy about the privacy of data subjects Q2 Finished
4.3 Policy for responsible disclosure Q2 Finished
4.4 Policy for copyright and (software) licenses Q2 Finished
4.5 Policy with organization wide security and technology guidelines Q2 Finished
4.6 Policy about financial and non-financial transparency guidelines Q2 Finished

5) Develop involvement and donations

One of the overarching goals is to be a financially healthy and sustainable organization in 2025. For this the Church of Cyberology will need to raise funds

# Objective Deadline Status
5.1 Develop facilities to follow the church, such as newsletters and/or social media Q2 Ongoing
5.2 Develop facilities to incidentally donate money to the church Q2 Ongoing
5.3 Develop the concept of “followers” (people who follow the church) Q2 Ongoing
5.4 Develop the concept of “disciples” (people who convert to cyberology) Q2 Ongoing
5.5 Add facility to donate with Monero Q3 Ongoing
5.6 Add facility to periodically donate tax deductible via a ANBI-contract Q3 Ongoing
5.7 Try to become a part of notary ANBI lists for inheritances Q3 Ongoing

6) Church services

The Church of Cyberology provides freely accessible and public church services to anyone willing to join. We’re improving and expanding our church services every year.

# Objective Deadline Status
6.1 Acquire a Autonomous System Q2 Finished
6.2 Find and fix Tor’s bottleneck on Nothing to hide infrastructure with the Tor Project (highest prio) 2024 Ongoing
6.3 Publish hardening and security guidelines for the FreeBSD operating system Q2 Ongoing
6.4 Migrate to new autonomous system Q3 Ongoing
6.5 DNS infrastructure to provide DoH/DoT DNS servers to Tor operators and citizens Q3 Ongoing
6.6 Research on timeless timing and correlation attacks on DNS infrastructure in the Tor context Q3 Ongoing
6.7 DNS infrastructure that is resistent to timeless timing and correlation attacks Q4 Ongoing
6.8 Write and publish a Tor operator on FreeBSD handbook 2024/2025 Ongoing
6.9 Create a Tor relay manager for FreeBSD 2024/2025 Ongoing
6.10 Implement effective DDoS countermeasures for incoming connections 2024/2025 Ongoing
6.11 Implement effective DDoS countermeasures for outgoing connections 2024/2025 Ongoing
6.12 Investigate new potential church services to offer to our church community
- Youtube proxy/frontend
- Link shortener
- Privacy friendly forms
- Website security/privacy checker
- Privacy friendly search engine proxy/frontend
- Public NTP time servers
Q4 Ongoing

7) Idea development

The year 2024 is all about setting up the church. The year of 2025 will be about new initiatives and adding more and improving church services. In 2024 we will investigate different ideas that benefit and further the church’s goals.

# Objective Deadline Status
7.1 Develop the idea to do a privacy analysis on websites, tools and systems of political parties during national elections Q4 Ongoing
7.2 Develop the idea to create help pages for online privacy with regular citizens as their target audience Q4 Ongoing
7.3 Develop the idea to create help pages for privacy by design mechanisms and privacy friendly examples for entities that run services Q4 Ongoing
7.4 Develop the idea to assign a number of apostles that mean much for the goals of the Church of Cyberology Q4 Ongoing